How To Make Money With a 3D Printer: The Ultimate Guide

With the power of 3D printing, it’s tempting to try and turn it into a side hustle. If you’ve got the technology to make things on demand, you can find people who are willing to pay for a service or product that you provide. However, you can’t just buy a 3D printer, download free STL … Read more

What Are the Ender 3 Magic Numbers and How To Calculate them

A 3D printer’s “magic numbers” are the layer heights that are a multiple of the minimum height your Z axis can move. By choosing one of the magic numbers when slicing your STL model you’ll get much better-looking prints. This is because the mechanical movement and slicer heights will be aligned. What are the Ender … Read more

How Much Electricity Does a 3D Printer Use?

When you first buy your 3D printer, you probably thought: wow, I can make my own free stuff! Well not quite, right? There’s the cost of the printer, maintaining it, and of course, the cost of filament. However, there’s one more cost that you need to factor in: electricity. So how much electricity does a … Read more

PLA Print Temperature For Nozzle and Bed: An Easy Guide

One of the biggest challenges when printing with any filament is dialing in the correct printing and bed temperature. PLA filament is one of the most commonly and universally used 3D printing filaments out there, so what’s the ideal PLA printing temperature? This is a question that commonly comes up for many first-timers to 3D … Read more

PLA vs PETG: Differences and Which Is Stronger?

PLA and PETG are two of the most popular 3D printing filaments around: so what are the differences between PLA and PETG, and which one should you be using for your prints? Let’s take a look! PLA vs PETG: Fundamental Differences and Strength PLA and PETG are both polymers and belong to the family of … Read more

9 Best Free 3D Modeling Software For 3D Design

3D modeling has become incredibly accessible and there are many awesome software tools out there that are completely free and easy to use. In this post, we’ll look at the best free 3D modeling software tools currently available and discuss the strengths and shortcomings of each one, as well as look at who each suite … Read more

What Temperature Can PLA Withstand(+ How To Strengthen)

PLA is one of the most user-friendly filaments to use, but it’s no secret that PLA(polylactic acid) can’t withstand much heat at all, so you have to consider where you’ll use your PLA parts and make sure they won’t be exposed to too much heat. So what temperature can PLA withstand? To understand the temperature … Read more

Strongest Infill Pattern: Which Is It and Tips For Print Strength

The strength of a 3D printed part depends on many factors: the type of filament material you use, the shell thickness, the layer height, and of course, the infill. So what’s the strongest infill pattern? Let’s dig a little deeper. What’s the strongest infill pattern? Under most circumstances, the strongest infill pattern is the honeycomb … Read more

Best 3D Scanner: 5 Picks For Capturing 3D Models

The 3D scanner market is a highly diverse space and it comes with its very own wide range of products. One that comes in all manners of open source 3D scanners and objects, especially with regard to shapes capabilities, sizes, and prices. Such choice amongst the desktop 3D scanner market is a great thing in … Read more

Best 3D Printer Camera: 5 Picks To Monitor Your 3D Prints

With a 3D printer camera, you can keep an eye on your prints from wherever you are. You can also use apps like OctoPrint to take really cool timelapse videos of your prints. We’ve gone ahead and listed the best 3D printer cameras. These cameras will help you keep an eye out for all of … Read more

Ender 3 TPU Settings: Tips For Successful Prints

The Ender 3 is arguably the number one 3D printer to come out of the Creality stable. It is one of the single most popular 3D printers in the world and its popularity is unmatched to this very day. Both the Ender 3 pro and the stock Ender 3 3D printers are extremely capable machines … Read more

Limitations of 3D Printing: Things that still need to be fixed

There was a time when 3D printing was the sole domain of science fiction and few people could have imagined that it would become a mainstream trend. Of course, the very thought of printing anything that you like and have designed into practical into CAD files is really enthralling. This is why it is not … Read more

Best 3D Printer for Flexible Filament: Print TPU and more

3D Printing any sort of flexible filament on a common desktop 3D printer can turn out to be a bit tricky. Apart from the fact that many 3D printers don’t support such filaments, there are slicer software settings and 3D printer hardware limitations to take into consideration too. All of these factors come into play when you want … Read more

3d Printer Ventilation: Why it’s important and what to do

When it comes to 3D printing safety, many, if not most people tend to think that 3D printers catch fire and burn up. However, that is not the truth as such. On the contrary, 3D printers are far more likely to generate various kinds of particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Ok so what can these VOCs and … Read more

Marlin vs Skynet Firmware For Anet A8 Compared

Before we answer this question, we have to figure out what is firmware in the first place? In a nutshell, it is the code that makes your 3D printer work and come alive. In other words it can simply be termed as “software for hardware.” Many of us consider various devices as strictly hardware but … Read more

Filament Sticking to Nozzle: Possible Fixes and Solutions

There is no doubt that getting melted filament stuck on the nozzle of your 3D printer can get quite annoying. This holds particularly true because it can be hard to very hard to clean properly. Many of not most people who are into 3D printing tend to go through this annoying difficulty of their filament … Read more

PLA Not Sticking To Bed: Possible Solutions and Fixes

PLA is by far and large, the single most popular FDM printing filament available today. PLA filament is very forgiving for newbies who don’t have much experience with this filament type. It is always very important that the very first layer of your 3D print is always very strongly connected to the printer’s build platform … Read more

ESUN vs Hatchbox: Comparing Two Popular PLA Filaments

Arguably, the single most popular filament currently available for FDM 3D printers is the amazing PLA filament. It is inexpensive, can work at high temperatures, and it can be used to create glossy finishes, without too much hard work. Best of all, most printers can handle it very easily and create awesome prints with them. … Read more

3D Printing PETG on Glass: A Quick and Easy Guide

PETG is rapidly climbing up the ranks of the more popular types of printing filaments out there. As a matter of fact, it is now considered to be one of the very best 3D printing materials around when it comes to outdoor work. However printing with PETG is not very easy unless you are using … Read more

Can PLA Be Microwaved? Is it Safe?

There are different types of materials out there for 3D printing. However, PLA is now rapidly becoming the filament of choice for many people who love 3D printing. However many people who use it for food utensils want to know if it food safe for microwaves? Is PLA Microwave-safe? PLA is not microwave-safe. Microwaves will … Read more

Anet A8 vs Ender 3: Two Super Popular Printers Compared

The world of 3D printing today is becoming increasingly dominated by low price models that pack a lot of functions that had only been seen by their more expensive counterparts. This has made them accessible to a whole new world of budget-conscious consumers and hobbyists who now want a 3D printer for their home for … Read more

Longer Orange 10 Review: Budget Friendly SLA Printing

The Longer Orange 10 is a budget resin 3D machine that has been developed for the beginners’ market. Today’s variety of budget printers in the resin printing world is now part of a new class of consumer 3D printing machines. They present a whole new world of really exciting opportunities in the 3D printing world … Read more

Best Delta 3D Printer: 5 Picks For High Speed Printing

Generally speaking, Delta 3D printers are quite different from the regular run of the mill Cartesian and other 3D printer types such as the Creality Ender 3 or Prusa i3 MK3S+. In fact, most Delta model 3D printers are typically inspired by various open-source Kossel and Rostock models. While the average Delta printer can be … Read more

Tronxy X5S Review: Huge Build Volume but Performance?

The Tronxy X5S is one of the brightest spots in an all new breed of 3D printer kits that seems to hit the proverbial sweet spot with discerning customers worldwide. As a matter of fact, the Tronxy X5S is the larger version of the Tronxy X3S 3D printer and as of now, it has overtaken … Read more

Wanhao Duplicator 7 Review: A Superb DLP Printer

Ever since it was released back in early 2017, the Wanhao Duplicator 7 (also known colloquially as Wanhao D7) series of printers has caused quite a bit of a stir in the DLP 3D printer markets of the world, so we’ve gone ahead and done this Wanhao Duplicator 7 review for you. Back when the … Read more

Tevo Black Widow Review: Is this large 3D printer worth it?

The Tevo Black Widow 3D printer is rapidly catching up in the popularity department with its more well-known counterparts, such as the Creality and the Anycubic lineups. The good people at Tevo have upped their game with the Black Widow thanks to its extra-large volume. Learn more in this Tevo Black Widow review. The Tevo … Read more

PETG UV Resistance: How long can you leave it in the sun?

Every 3D printer needs at least some sort of raw material that it can use to safely and easily print the desired 3D build. Just as a conventional 3D printer uses ink and paper to create words and imagery, so too does the 3D printer need certain specialized raw materials to create different objects. The … Read more

Is PETG Food Safe To 3D Print With?

It isn’t easy to walk down the aisle of any sort of food store without ever coming across something made of different types of plastics. From jars of jam, jellies, and marmalades to bottles of soda to cookie plates, your food is in close contact with a certain kind of plastic. One that has been … Read more

Phrozen Transform Review: A very unique SLA printer

The world of 3D printing is expanding at a very pace and more and more companies are now jumping into the fray. As of today, the sheer number of printers and 3D printing companies is mindboggling and the consumer is hard to put to find the very best one for the job at hand. This … Read more

Anycubic Chiron Review: A massive printer for massive prints

Whoever said that ‘size does not matter’ had obviously never seen the Anycubic Chiron and its jaw-dropping dimensions. The Anycubic Chiron printer basically measures a commanding 25.5” W x 24” D x 28.3” H (or 0.65m wide, 0.61m deep, and 0.72m tall). So before you buy one, be sure to check and see if you … Read more

Ender 3 Bed Wobble: Why It’s bad and how to fix it

The term bed leveling does not mean leveling it with the ground. Actually, it denotes the fact that the nozzle tip of your printer is always at the very same, correct distance when it comes to the whole surface of your 3D object. In this case, it is imperative that you get rid of Ender … Read more

Ender 3 Hotend Upgrade: 3 Options For Your Printer

The Ender 3 is one of the single most successful budget 3D printers around. This has a lot to do with the quality of its components as well as its low price. However, a key feature that makes it so endearing to its dedicated fan following is its extreme flexibility. This is very easy to … Read more

Is Simplify3D Worth It and is the Price Tag Justified?

All 3D printers require a companion computer software to operate them. Some of them use proprietary software; others are dependent on free open source engines, while others rely on off the shelf market products. It is entirely up to you and your requirements to determine what is needed for that perfect 3D printed object. Basically, … Read more

What is Cura’s Gyroid Infill and should you use it?

As far as slicer engines are concerned, the Ultimaker Cura is arguably one of the single most popular and commonly available programs out there. It’s what I learned on and, even though it’s both free and open source, Cura is also absolutely loaded with tons of great features. Let us take a quick look at … Read more

Cura vs Slic3r: Two major slicing software head to head

The 3D printing process doesn’t just require hardware support alone in the form of a good 3D printer and filaments etc. Yes, these things are very important, but they can only work at their optimum capacity when they are further complemented by a whole range of highly innovative software tools that can utilize the hardware … Read more

Qidi Tech X One 2 Review: A Great Plug and Play Printer

The Qidi Technology X One 2 is one of QIDI Technologies’ better offerings. It is a pretty reasonable printer that is affordable at a much better price than the bulk of its competition. The Qidi technology X machine holds its own in terms of both print qualities as well as various cutting edge capabilities against other models … Read more

Bibo 3D Printer Review: Two Extruders and a Laser Engraver

There are not many Bibo 3D printer reviewers around so we decided to fill the gap. This printer is also known as Bibo 2 Touch Laser. It was initially launched on Amazon circa 2016 and has garnered a lot of respect. This has a lot to do with this Touch Laser’s apparent popularity and as … Read more

Best 3D Printer for Cosplay: 7 Picks For Making Amazing Costumes

Before the advent of the 3D printer, cosplay was a very time and energy-consuming exercise, which is why making realistic cosplay costumes was not everyone’s cup of coffee. Now it is possible to create extremely intricate and complex works of art that not just look good but are also wearable too. All of this is … Read more