ESUN vs Hatchbox: Comparing Two Popular PLA Filaments

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Arguably, the single most popular filament currently available for FDM 3D printers is the amazing PLA filament. It is inexpensive, can work at high temperatures, and it can be used to create glossy finishes, without too much hard work.

Best of all, most printers can handle it very easily and create awesome prints with them. Albeit having said that, there are many different types of PLA filaments and producers that create them. They are all good for creating a decent print but that is about it.

There are many great PLA brands. In this post, we’ll compare two of them: ESUN vs Hatchbox.

Here it is pertinent to note that not every filament has been created equal and there are all kinds of PLA in the market, each with their respective pros and cons. Let us take a quick look at a couple of them to see which material would be ideal for your 3D printer.

eSUN PLA PRO 3D Printer Filament

It is very easy to print and it has been vacuumed sealed with copious amounts of desiccant. It has excellent layer bonding capabilities. This is actually Esun Pro PLA USP (unique selling preposition).

The fact that it can bond so perfectly, makes it better than even some of the better PLA 3D stuff out there, especially as far as overall durability is concerned. You can use it with very little fear of breakage of your print and you will definitely like the result.

It works perfectly at an extrusion/nozzle temperature of 205C to 225C. The spool has a diameter of around 8 and it can work fine with many popular PLA filament 3D printers today.

The hub hole dia is 2.05″ and the diameter of the inner hole is 3.5.” This is a fairly universal setting that is applicable to virtually all good commercially available 3D printers. It is a wonderful filament for any kind of work that depends upon strength and reliability as its go to feature.

You can also use it to create parts with a glossy finish that puts other lower priced brands to shame. All in all, it is a better PLA material you may be able to find in the market today for all of your printed article needs. It is just right for all kinds of miniature work.

It can also work very well even at higher temperature settings.

Weight of the Spools and Rolls

1kg (2.2lbs)

Filament Diameter

1.75 mm


It is sold in black, blue, white, gray and red colors.


  • It is an extremely durable PLA that can be used in a wide range of performance applications
  • It gives a glossy and smooth finish that will enable your prints to stand out from the rest of the 3D objects out there
  • Vacuum packing and moisture absorbent chemicals ensure that it retains its freshness even after an extended period
  • It can work even with a mono dimensional lightly heated hot end
  • You can be sure to get some really nice results


  • This is not exactly a cheap filament. After all, there are plenty of cheap materials in the market, but good quality always comes at a much higher cost, though

Hatchbox PLA

HATCHBOX 1.75mm True Blue PLA 3D Printer Filament, 1 KG Spool, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 3D Printing Filament

One of the most well-known companies in the PLA world is the US-based 3D PLA filament maker Hatchbox. This company offers some better and higher quality PLA out there at a very reasonable price. The overall cost and quality are even now at par with the most expensive filaments available in the market as of today.

This is why it is near perfect PLA for just about every conceivable usage. The good people at Hatchbox also make awesome PETG printing stuff as well. It offers excellent value for money for your 3D prints. The same holds true for their PETG offering as well. It is the right choice if you want great results that will last a long time.


As a matter of fact, its low price and excellent finishing has ensured that Hatchbox PLA 3D a top selling brand that is available on Amazon, at least as far as the 3D printing world is concerned. It is because of its reliability and inexpensive price that there are hundreds of satisfied user reviews on the Amazon megastore website. This PLA works very nicely and also gives good layer height. They have also created their offering in wood too. People who have used them found that they offer good results.


  • It has been created of a unique blend of polymers
  • it is the ideal thing for the job if you want to print miniatures, cosplay stuff and other hobby related articles
  • It has been constructed from ecofriendly bio plastics
  • It has a silky smooth finish with a substantially reduced CO2 footprint


  • Not as inexpensive as most other brands in the market

Filament diameter


Weight of the Spools

1 kg (2.2lbs)


You can try yellow, red, black, red, gold white, blue, purple, glow in the dark, and others that will work with most good 3D printer around.

Check price on Amazon



The above brands are world renowned as some of the best PLA filaments available today. You won’t go far wrong with either the Esun or the Hatchbox PLA printing stuff since they have been tailor made to be used in most popular high quality 3D printers around.

If you are interested in a brand that works nicely, that is durable, and at the same time, does not put a really substantial dent in your budget, you can try either of them or both of them. They won’t let you down. Both Hatchbox and Esun have excellent customer service that can help you out in case you need any help.

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