3d printed fishing stuff – 8 expert-picked lures, reels, & more

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3D printed fishing things? 3D printed fishing lures? Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to search for so I just started looking for “3d printed fishing stuff”.

Now here we are.

I know nothing about fishing and there aren’t that many items around for fishermen to 3d print.

So I asked our expert reviewer, Captain Tyler Brady of A Fellow Fisherman, for his top favorites.

Here they are his top 5 picks to turn your 3d printer into a fish catching machine. And when you’re done, be sure to check out our massive list of Thingiverse alternatives for all your free STL download needs.

Fully Printable Fishing Rod

This is slick – a compact, fully 3d printed fishing rod.

Great to keep nearby so you can always be prepared, or for backpacking/camping with the kids (just be sure to know how to best introduce kids to fishing).

Fly Fishing Reel

Costing less than $5, in the words of the creator “It’s a plastic fly reel so there not too much that special about it. It’s about as basic and cheap as you can get.”

But don’t let that turn you off – it’s still a perfectly workable fly fishing reel.

That said, don’t print this with PLA or ABS (which aren’t UV safe, and PLA isn’t very strong). Instead, print it with UV safe PETG, because PETG is far stronger than PLA and PETG is nearly as good as ABS.

Crankbait Fishing Lure

Do 3d printed fishing lures work?

Yes, and if you don’t believe me see the quote below:

The lure works really great! It might even work better than some storebought ones. I caught one, almost two northern pikes with it. You do not need any fancy airbrushing, or epoxy seal. I just superglued my halves together, and painted them with some leftover acrylic paint, and I am sure that you do not need to paint it at all if you have bright filament. I did also not use BBs.

Just make sure that your hooks are attached well. I lost a fish because the hook came off as I was lifting it out of the water.

User Lacrivilho

Printable Fishing Rod

This little printable fishing rod is adorable. It’s so compact you could even put it on a keychain (though it would make for a very uncomfortable bump in your pocket).

But can it catch a fish? Well, see the image below of a Thingiverse user holding up his prize, 20 inch trout.

Man holding fish caught with 3d printed fishing reel
Image source, by brainychedder

If you’re debating if that’s a 20″ fish, then you’re not a fisherman.

Fishing lures

Another type of fishing lure. While the creator doesn’t suggest a filament, we’d recommend printing these with PETG or stronger.

Included here are two different lures. The first lure is to be printed at 60% infill so that it floats, whereas the second lure should be printed with 100% infill so it sinks.

Slide Spoon 4.65 inch size

Spoon lures are your go-to for catching bigger fish. It’s important to achieve a smooth, high gloss finish to catch the light as they spin through the water.

Fishing spinner buzzbait blades quad wing

Small Panfish Lipless Crankbait with Paint Pattern Fishing Lure

When fishing for fish in the panfish family – inlcuding rock bass, yellow perch, black crappies/calico bass, all sunfish, or white perch – you’re looking to cause the “reactionary strike”.

These little lipless crankbait should catch their attention and catch you a fish.

Here is the creators testing them in the wild:

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