About Makershop

Let’s see, where to start?

The first time I made a 3D print my mind exploded. 🤯 I was literally holding an idea that I had just hours earlier.

As a 10 year old, I had so many good ideas… but being “only 10” I knew they couldn’t be good. No one would buy them.

Then someone else created, patented, and profited from the same idea.

Have you ever had an idea for a product, only to have someone else come up with it months or years later (and make a mint from it)?

Damn frustrating, isn’t it?

Makershop is being built for people like that 10-year-old me. Perhaps it’s your own 10-year-old. Or, like me, a 30+ y/o who still has lots of ideas.

Makershop is built for you – a maker, tinkerer, basement (or professional) engineer who is sick of having ideas and never having an income stream from them.

Let’s change that.

I’ll be working to help you get from “I have a product idea” to “I have an empire, passive income, and a product line all my own.”

Getting paid for your ideas. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

our founder garrett speaking on stage in cordoba, argentina. He looks perplexed
This is me, speaking at an event in Cordoba, Argentina, completely forgetting what I was talking about. Looks good, though.

While I’m at it I (and a team of other makers and engineers) will be helping outfit you with the tools you need to prototype and manufacture products.

I’ll also help you build out the “other stuff” of your business – getting people to buy from you (and buy often!), making sure you’re legally covered, and helping inspire you with other inventors and inventions.

The first step, though, is to turn your first idea into something you can hold.

For that, you’ll likely want to check out our 3D printer content. 3D printers are so cheap nowadays that prototyping is almost too easy.

Don’t have a 3D printer? Check out our best 3D printer reviews by price.

And if you got this far then you, too, are likely fed up with not making millions (or even “travel money”) from your ideas. So drop your email below and let’s go on this journey, together.