28 Free 3D print pegboard models to make and get organized by tonight

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Does your workshop need to get organized?

Are there tools laying all over the place?

If you’re looking for things to help you organize your life – you might buy pegboard, which is great… but I’m hugely disappointed with the quality of the hooks, holders, etc. That’s why my first Thingiverse searches were for free pegboard 3d print pegboard models.

If you’re ready to hang your shop on a hook – then read on for the first few, free, things I created once I got 3d printing.

When you’re done, be sure to check out our other collections as well as all 30+ websites we’ve found free 3D print STL files for download.

Table of Contents

  1. Pegboard Tape Measure Holder
  2. Dremel mounting bracket
  3. Peg board accessories
  4. Multimeter Pegboard Holder
  5. Pegboard Safety Glasses Holder
  6. Pegboard Clip
  7. Pegboard Square Holder
  8. Pegboard Tool Holders 3: Holed Boxes, Precision Drivers, Tin Snips, Pronged
  9. Pegboard Tool Holders 2; Screwdrivers, Snips, Pliers, Misc
  10. Tray (Hole Pitch 25mm)
  11. Pegboard Hooks
  12. Pegboard Paper Towel Holder
  13. Pegboard 2-drawer parts bin
  14. Pegboard mounted coffee cup holder
  15. Pegboard mounted beer holder
  16. Pegboard box
  17. Pegstr – Pegboard Wizard
  18. Sharpie holder for pegboard
  19. Allen Wrench Holder for Pegboard
  20. Screwdriver holder (pegboard or wall mounted)
  21. Horizontal can clip
  22. Pegboard Tape Holder
  23. Pegboard drill indices
  24. Pegboard Spacer
  25. Pegboard Filament Spool Holder
  26. Pegboard Drill driver holder
  27. Easy Pegboard Caliper Holder
  28. AA Battery Holder for Pegboard
  29. Conclusion
  30. For reference
    1. What size holes are in pegboard?

Pegboard Tape Measure Holder

This measuring tape holder was one of the first 3d print models that I printed for my workshop.

It perfectly fits my (relatively new) Craftsmen measuring tape and has unique push-pins to hold it in, rather than more traditional hooks.

Looks great in black and highly recommended.

Dremel mounting bracket

When I was looking for free STL files and models to 3D print, I found this and fell in love (and put my Ender 3 v2 to work!)

Dremel tools are SO versitile and you can find 3d printing models for everything from a Dremel table saw to a fully automated Dremel 3-axis CNC machine.

BUT – unless you went cordless Dremels just take up so much space.

I grabbed this download for the Dremel Pegboard mount, printed it, and now my Dremel cables are organized, out of the way, and take up 80% less space. Win!

Peg board accessories

Next up this collection of 3d printed organizers to get your tools out of the way.

With over 21 files including everything from basic hooks to organized file holders, it has just about all the accessories you need to get going.

Multimeter Pegboard Holder

My multimeter looks exactly like the one in the picture but just barely didn’t fit with the case on.

Either way, those things take up so much room and are such a pain to organize that we’re grateful for DAVE42 (who seems to know the meaning of life) for the free STL file.

Pegboard Safety Glasses Holder

If you have safety glasses that look like the picture and pegboard, this should be your next 3D print.

I always lose my safety glasses and it’s one of the few accessories that I always use (I like my eyes).

It’s the little things that make organizing your accessories and workbench easier and, frankly, better. Go grab the free STL and find your safety glasses easier.

Pegboard Clip

Pegboard Clip
By Drazen | Thingiverse

As the second pegboard 3d print model I printed, I was… less impressed with these clips. They do hold thicker bags/items and are relatively well designed.

But their design flaw is their teeth aren’t offset – so they don’t quite grip as well as they could.

Pegboard Square Holder

It’s simple, it’s fast to print, and it’s WONDERFUL. This tiny little 3d print perfectly fits most squares and now I finally don’t lose it all the time.

One of the cleanest and most useful designs I ran into and dead easy to 3d print.

Pegboard Tool Holders 3: Holed Boxes, Precision Drivers, Tin Snips, Pronged

If you download only one thing from the Thingiverse website (or anywhere else) – this (and v2 below) might be your best choice.

It’s a great collection of tool holders that got 3 pairs of side cutters, several monkey wrenches, and my tin snips off my workbench and out of the way.

Pegboard Tool Holders 2; Screwdrivers, Snips, Pliers, Misc

TyCreek came back with a second collection here and even more pegboard holders.

Tray (Hole Pitch 25mm)

Like cowbell, we can all use more trays to keep organized.

Pegboard Hooks

They’re pegboard hooks. A little better than ones you’d buy at Lowes or Home Depot but nothing too crazy.

Worth it in a pinch.

Pegboard Paper Towel Holder

My paper towel holder might be my most used item in my shop… but putting them into pegboard is actually rather difficult.

Now you don’t have to with this paper towel holder, designed by Idabkey.

Pegboard 2-drawer parts bin

If you’re working with small electrical components (like resistors, capacitors, etc.) or a lot of screws and bolts, chances are you have or need something like this 2-drawer parts bin by NerdAlert3d.

Pegboard mounted coffee cup holder

It’s a place to keep your coffee mug out of the way, away from dust, and easy to find. Need I say more?

Pegboard mounted beer holder

Everything we said about the coffee mug, except it’s for beer. Mmmm beer.

Pegboard box

Pegstr – Pegboard Wizard

Sharpie holder for pegboard

My wife says I lose pens faster than I lose friends.

And since Sharpies are great, but I can never find mine, I grabbed this 3d printable Sharpie holder to put on my wall.

Allen Wrench Holder for Pegboard

I find Allen Wrench keys everywhere (except where I need them). With this handy organization upgrade you can now get them out of the bag and into an easier to find setup.

That is, if you remember to put them back.

Screwdriver holder (pegboard or wall mounted)

Screwdrivers are one of those tools that take up a ton of space and never stay organized.

There are a lot of options but I like this 3d printed screwdriver holder because it’ll keep both your large, and small, screwdrivers secure.

Horizontal can clip

I’m torn on this one but including it because you might have less shelf space than I do. Spray cans can take up a lot of room (and be hard to find when standing on a shelf).

If you use certain cans often and struggle to find them, grab this free horizontal can clip STL file download.

Pegboard Tape Holder

I’m looking forward to printing this one – I have electrical tape, painter’s tape, Gorilla tape (you get the picture) everywhere and can’t ever keep it organized.

Pegboard drill indices

No more hunting for that missing drill bit! Grab this free STL download, send it to your 3d printer, and put it near a drill press for easy and speedy drilling.

Pegboard Spacer

One major issue most people have when trying to organize is how to actually mount their pegboard so there is enough space between the board and the wall.

While I chose strips of wood, I wish I’d seen these spacers as they’re either hard to find or a bit expensive.

Pegboard Filament Spool Holder

A great way to get your 3d printing filament spools out of the way. Though they’ll still be at risk of absorbing moisture.

Pegboard Drill driver holder

Easy Pegboard Caliper Holder

AA Battery Holder for Pegboard


There you have it – all of the free 3d print pegboard models we found online so far.

If you liked these you might like some of the other collections of free STL files we’ve put together.

For reference

What size holes are in pegboard?

In the US, pegboard comes primarily in two sizes:

  1. 3/16″ sized hole pegboard (“small sized”) that’s 1/8″ thick
  2. 1/4″ sized hole pegboard that is 1/4″ thick.

Both will accept 1/8″ pegs (though they’ll be loose on the 1/4″) and have holes spaced 1″ on center.

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