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There are so many 3D printers to review that many don’t make any of our lists of best 3d printers or get buried.

Feel free to browse our ever-growing list of 3D printers we’ve reviewed or search for something specific by brand or printer.

  • Longer Orange 10 Review: Budget Friendly SLA Printing

    The Longer Orange 10 is a budget resin 3D machine that has been developed for the beginners’ market. Today’s variety of budget printers in the resin printing world is now part of a new class of consumer 3D printing machines. They present a whole new world of really exciting opportunities in the 3D printing world … Read more

  • Anet A8 Review: The legendary 3D printer kit started it all

    The Anet A8 is arguably one of the most well-known unassembled printers available to professionals and hobbyists alike. It’s extremely flexibility is one of the main reasons due to which this printer has such a huge fan following and community behind it. In case of a problem, you have simply to tap into this extended … Read more

  • Anycubic Photon Review: A Superb Budget DLP/SLA Printer

    The Anycubic Photon is one of the very first DLP and SLA printers to be retailed at an under $500 price tag. However, it had to face extremely tough competition from more expensive printers such as Lulzbot, Ultimaker, and Formlabs. So without further ado, let us start this Anycubic Photon review. The Anycubic Photon: An … Read more

  • Creality Ender 5 Review: Huge build volume and unique axis movements

    The world of 3D printing has become increasingly more exciting over the past few years or so. This has a lot to do with the fact that an increasingly larger number of highly affordable 3D printers are being released into the market at an unprecedented rate. One of the most exciting printers today is the … Read more

  • Prusa i3 MK3S+ Review: THE Benchmark for hobby printers

    Prusa i3 MK3S+ Review: THE Benchmark for hobby printers

    We review my favorite 3D printer: the Prusa i3 MK3S+.

  • Bibo 3D Printer Review: Two Extruders and a Laser Engraver

    There are not many Bibo 3D printer reviewers around so we decided to fill the gap. This printer is also known as Bibo 2 Touch Laser. It was initially launched on Amazon circa 2016 and has garnered a lot of respect. This has a lot to do with this Touch Laser’s apparent popularity and as … Read more

  • Qidi Tech X One 2 Review: A Great Plug and Play Printer

    The Qidi Technology X One 2 is one of QIDI Technologies’ better offerings. It is a pretty reasonable printer that is affordable at a much better price than the bulk of its competition. The Qidi technology X machine holds its own in terms of both print qualities as well as various cutting edge capabilities against other models … Read more

  • Creality CR-10 Max Review: Massive print area and consistent prints

    The thing about Creality is that the company really doesn’t like to rest on its laurels for any extended length of time. As a matter of fact, its all-new CR-10 Max 3D machine is a state of the art machine that most certainly lives up to the great tradition of this Chinese company, as you’ll … Read more

  • Anycubic Chiron Review: A massive printer for massive prints

    Whoever said that ‘size does not matter’ had obviously never seen the Anycubic Chiron and its jaw-dropping dimensions. The Anycubic Chiron printer basically measures a commanding 25.5” W x 24” D x 28.3” H (or 0.65m wide, 0.61m deep, and 0.72m tall). So before you buy one, be sure to check and see if you … Read more

  • Phrozen Transform Review: A very unique SLA printer

    The world of 3D printing is expanding at a very pace and more and more companies are now jumping into the fray. As of today, the sheer number of printers and 3D printing companies is mindboggling and the consumer is hard to put to find the very best one for the job at hand. This … Read more

  • Tevo Black Widow Review: Is this large 3D printer worth it?

    The Tevo Black Widow 3D printer is rapidly catching up in the popularity department with its more well-known counterparts, such as the Creality and the Anycubic lineups. The good people at Tevo have upped their game with the Black Widow thanks to its extra-large volume. Learn more in this Tevo Black Widow review. The Tevo … Read more

  • Tronxy X5S Review: Huge Build Volume but Performance?

    The Tronxy X5S is one of the brightest spots in an all new breed of 3D printer kits that seems to hit the proverbial sweet spot with discerning customers worldwide. As a matter of fact, the Tronxy X5S is the larger version of the Tronxy X3S 3D printer and as of now, it has overtaken … Read more