How to build the fastest 3D printer on earth… for under $600

Your guide to achieving 25 times faster print speeds (1000 mm/s!) from an Ender 3

Let’s see, where to start?

Well… this page is in progress as we build out the fastest printer possible for less than the average mid-grade consumer printer.

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Until then, check out this printer by 3dprinterfun hitting 1000 mm/s.

1000 mm/s 3d prints by 3dprinterfun

And here is him breaking the “4 minute benchy mile” – printing a complete (and actually, quite decent quality) benchy in less time than 99% of the world can run a mile.

We literally wrote the book on 3D printing
  • How printers work
  • How to slice your first 3D model
  • How to print your first model
  • How to troubleshoot and maintain your 3D printer