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Uses for 3D Printers at Home(and cool stuff to print)

3D printers have now become the rage due to the sheer quality of their prints. One upon a time, such equipment existed only on a Star Trek set from the early 60s. But now that is not the case and these printers have broken out into the mainstream world of serious home improvement enthusiasts. Instead of going from shop to shop to look for that vase that exists purely in your dreams (for instance) it is now possible to make your dream come true by the simple expedient of 3D printing it.

Now you can design and generate excellent 3D prints and builds for your very next home improvement project while using quality materials to craft a one of a kind object.

In this post, we’ll talk about uses for 3D printers at home.

As a matter of fact, many people have made 3D printing both fun and easy, by uploading all manners of 3D prints and their designs on various websites (such as Thingiverse for instance).

These designs can be used to craft unique three-dimensional objects with the aid of any one of a variety of 3D printers that are currently available in the market today. You can download and use these pretty designs to custom make your very own decoration pieces, knobs, handle and anything else you may need for all of your home beautification plans.

Another great thing about these printers is that you don’t need any sort of CAM or CAD software technology to get the job done. You can make a fairly useful build for your home any time you like with any number of 3D printers available in the market today.

Uses for 3D printers at home: Cool stuff you can print

If you have any 3D printers at home, you will be able to enjoy these great 3D model prints at Thingiverse:

T-Rex Decoration and Educational Design Piece

Prehistorically Perfect

This T-Rex display is a truly wonderful educational tool for your kids. This design has been made to look exactly like the real thing, albeit it is 20 times smaller than its real-life skeleton counterpart. It has been built very accurately to scale and as par design.

It is Anatomically Correct

From the tip of its tail to its sharp teeth, this 3D printed carnivore is the spitting image of its ancient ancestor. No design details have been spared, from its delicate ribcage to its intricate skull, to its arms.

Great Learning Tool for the Kids

You can use this model and other similar models to re-create the Jurassic period in your home for your kids. You will find that it is very simple to craft such models and its parts with complete PDF assembly instructions. Just make sure you follow the instructions properly and your kids will be sure to love it as they learn all about these fascinating creatures.

Print Settings

  1. Files: 19
  2. Total Printing Time: 24:12:00 (depending on filament and 3D printer)
  3. Pieces: 79

Assembly Instructions

The assembly instructions can be downloaded in PDF: http://www.thingiverse.com/download:2432475

Shower Box

A 3D design box that will take all of your shower and bathing stuff and will also fit your tap. This shower box is an ideal accessory for your bathroom and it is a great way to enjoy your shower without stumbling around looking for a shampoo bottle with water in your eyes. And this 3D print is fully washable so water won’t spoil it.


If you have a nice big 3D printer, with support, you can try to 3d print “rangedouche.stl” design but that is not advisable because of the extra-long print time 3D print time. The longer the 3D printing time, the higher the probability of a failure to print before the end.

Otherwise, do not print the file rangedouche. Instead you may try to 3D build the following:

  • The “box”
  • The “bas” (that will be the bottom)
  • The “entretoise” (this would be the distance piece, that is, the cylinders)
  • “Piet” (foot)
  • “crochet” (hook)

You should be able to use 2 hooks in order to fix the box’s feet with the bottom part. After that you may use four hooks and four cylinders in order to fix the lower or bottom part to the rest of the box.

Great, now you are all set to enjoy a nice long shower!

It is available here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:256603#Summary

Tooth Paste Tube Squeezer

Who has not been frustrated with a tooth paste (or any other tube) that refuses to give up its contents. Enter this toothpaste tube squeezer to get rid of this problem once and for all.

Printing Instructions

This object is 3D printed in 3 different parts. The cap can either be securely pressed or alternately glued onto the shaft. It is a good idea to print it as a solid piece. However, it must be wide enough so that it would be able to accommodate all the different brands of toothpaste tubes, even as it comfortably fits in the hand.

This device also has its own lock feature that will prevent the tube from unrolling on its own.

Print Settings

  • Rafts: No
  • Infill: Solid
  • Supports: No

It is available here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1147252

Folding Travel Coat Hanger

A great companion for the home and business trips. You can use it to rinse clones and hang them out to dry. You can use it to hang dresses, light weight trousers and even ties.

Print Settings

  • Printer brand: Ultimaker
  • Resolution: 0.1
  • Printer: Ultimaker 2
  • Rafts: Yes
  • Infill: 50 percent or higher
  • Supports: Yes
  • It can be printed in standard PLA as well as ABS any nylon

It is available here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2533076

These are not the only things you can craft with the help of 3D printers at home. As a matter of fact there are many uses for such home printers. Let us go through a few important ones here:

Create Unique and Highly Personalized Gifts for your Friends and Family

Many if not most of us tend to uncertain when it comes to planning birthdays and Christmas for our cherished loved ones. Yes, there are plenty of gift items available, both online and in the shopping malls including both expensive and inexpensive items that have been created by large manufacturing companies.

However, as most of us have grown to learn the hard way, going through millions of products and items can be a very difficult task for us. This holds particularly true for anyone who already has so much. Add to that the fact that you might end up actually getting something that they already have.

Fortunately, it does not have to be this way at all. Not if you can generate something truly unique and original with the help of your very own home 3D printer. After all, there are few things as wonderful as getting customized and bespoke gifts from a thoughtful person, who clearly has their best interests at heart. Best of all, it would be affordable too.


Save Up On All Those Material and Shipping Costs

You might not be aware of it, but it is entirely possible to save literally thousands of dollars per annum if you were to start 3D printing at least a few objects, parts and prints at home by yourself in lieu of buying the same products from expensive outside sources. In house 3D work has a lot going for it. And it is quite practical too, especially for small plastic stuff that you might actually be getting from other sources.

The thing is that just about every product ever produced has its own cost of material as well as shipping costs attached. It does not matter if the company mentions it explicitly or doesn’t do so, the fact remains that such costs are always there.

However, home based 3D printing all those everyday parts and objects will automatically let you make heaps of money every year. The vast range of times that you can create with the help of 3D printers is practically limitless. In fact your home 3D printers can also help you in making anything and everything from phone cases to towel racks and from hands free holders to hangers, to quote but a few things only.

You won’t need any sort of special tools for 3D printing even a diverse array of prints. You can do the needful; just simply by changing the digital file. With the right file it is possible to build almost anything with a home 3D printer. Even online shopping costs more than 3D printing. Think of 3D printers as the ultimate wish makers. You will make a wish and your 3D printer will create it. And it will cost less too for one thing. And you can also ensure quality too, as long as you know enough to buy the right equipment while using a good 3D printer.

Get Faster Access to your Desired Items

You should know that home based 3D printing is a whole lot faster than ordering an item online. Just imagine a situation when you want to replace a broken doorknob and the maker has a backlog and you have to survive a month without it.

In such a case, your 3D printers will be there for the rescue and you can use any one of them to create the desired item for you. In fact, you should check if you can create those little spare parts that keep breaking down in your house and use your 3D printer to physically build their little design for using in various places.

Instead of waiting for weeks and weeks, your home 3D printers will do the needful, within a few hours at most. Yes, it may look tiresome, waiting for the 3D printer to 3D printing layer upon layer of 3D printing materials. However, when compared to the time for shipment deliveries, it is still quite less, while using less energy.

You Can Start Your Very Own Home Based Business

In today’s testing times it is always better and more practical to have a bit of a 3D printer based “side hustle” to help you along. Yes, home based 3D printing can be quite rewarding, while being both educational, and fun; you can also use it to make plenty of extra cash for your other projects.

If you keep your costs low and price it correctly your product can be the winner. Just check and find what 3D product or products they want. You can start with one or two new and cool items that people will like and that you can create with a 3D printer at home.

You might check to see if there is still anyone around who would want to design a 3D object and wants to learn to build the same amongst other things.

As a matter of fact, there exist many people who have now started their very own home based 3D printing design businesses and basically transformed their original hobby into an extremely successful business company. You just have to make sure that you know how to leverage your 3D printer knowledge properly.

Think of it this way, the unique ability to both design and create a 3D object exactly as per a buyer’s specification is indeed an extremely valuable service. Apart from taking as many custom orders as you wish, you can do a whole lot more.

Today’s hobbyist-turned-entrepreneurs are busy making and selling designs regarding anything and everything from board games to many a children’s toy design.

Apart from that, you might also like to create 3D printer based cosplay stuff as well as statues of popular comic book heroes or even famous characters in pop culture (for example one such design would be a Baby Yoda or Groot), and so much more. It is a fairly common process, once you learn how.

However you don’t have to make stuff to make money. In fact just simply getting to learn the skills in house are all that is necessary to monetize your 3D printer. For example, you can conduct in house teaching classes on 3D printers and printing at home. You can also make guides and videos regarding using your 3D printer that you will be able to sell online. Finally, you can create and directly sell your original 3D designs for various everyday items on websites. Other people will download them and pay you the royalty fee for your 3D stuff.

By making plenty of money, you will also be in a position to expand and enhance your ability to engage in the 3D printer hobby you like so much. Once you have the require funds you will want a more high end 3D printer at home in order expand your scope of work. You will need different kinds of 3D printers, software and printing technologies as well as filaments, if you want to fulfill the exacting demands of all of your paying customers.

Best of all, you won’t have to feel guilty about spending excessive amounts cash on your 3D hobby if you could easily recover all of your investment in a very short span of time.


All of the above articles, 3D objects and reasons can be used to make your home a better place and also enjoy your 3D based hobby and earn a living. All at the same time. You can follow us for more ideas.

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