Creality 3D printers

With a suite of (generally) open source, low-budget printers, Creality has jumped into the market and grabbed significant market share.

Expect three things when buying anything from Creality:

  1. You’ll get a great deal
  2. There will be a solid community around it
  3. You will have to fuss with the printer a lot if you go with nearly any of the Ender series

Creality’s flagship printer series, the Ender 3, is their most well-known and well-liked.

But the company has tried to make inroads with CoreXY printers (the Ender 6 and Ender 7), resin, a Prusa Mini competitor (Ender 2 and Ender 2 Pro), and creating something original with the CR-30 belt-driven print mill.

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