Envision Labs

Envision Labs was a software development community that built Creation Workshop, a slicing and 3D printer control software that let you control your SLA and DLP 3D printers.

It was one of the most advanced pieces of software at a time when DLP and SLA printers were still very new and the technology was very much under development.

envision labs screenshot

These were some of the very notable features for which it was known:

  • It could work with STL, OBJ, and AMF files
  • It could automatically generate supports for the object
  • It could export the files to SVG, GCODE, or PNG
  • It could control your 3D printer with GCODE a command line interface
  • Was ideal to use for jewelry, artistry, dental offices, general hobbyists, and for light industrial use
  • It was also compatible with FDM printers

At the time, Envision Labs had partnered up with many SLA printer manufacturers for better support:

  • Stalactite / Spot-A
  • Elite Image Works
  • Starlight3d
  • LittleRP
  • mUVe
  • Senertek
  • Kudo3d
  • Sedgwick
  • SiamRepRap
  • iFact
  • SandMade
  • OpenProto
  • Reify 3D Solus
  • Do3D
  • ShareBot
  • Carima
  • OTS

Many of these companies were visionaries and pioneers in the consumer 3D printer market!

Today, MakerShop is following the footsteps of those pioneers and trying to make 3D printing more accessible to everyone by providing high-quality content and guides to help anyone get started in this rewarding hobby.

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