Monoprice Voxel Review: An Easy To Use, Entry Level Machine

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Thanks to the steadily increasing proliferation of the machines available in 3D printing market, there is now a seemingly endless variety of options available for the ardent enthusiast. This is irrespective of their purchasing power and budget. As a matter of fact, many of today’s printers may be found at price points that might have been considered unbelievably low, only a scarce few years back.

This is why you will need this Monoprice Voxel review to figure out how this model is different from the rest of the stuff out there.

In fact, without conducting thorough research (such as reading this Monoprice Voxel review for instance), many first-timers and beginners might end up finding themselves in way over their heads.

It is very simple really. The inherent learning curve that is part and parcel of every FDM 3D printing experience can easily be exacerbated whenever the 3D printer requires manual calibration, full assembly, and several other tweaks and turns.

If you are not well versed in modern 3D printing technology, you will be in for a whole lot of frustration, to say the least.

In fact, it won’t be too far of the mark to claim that many, if not most printing novices would definitely prefer to start off with a printer that will work right out of the box and continues to offer a uniquely user-friendly experience as well. Especially, if it offers excellent print quality too.

Monoprice Voxel Review and Impressions

The electronics retail giant Monoprice is based out of California and has won an enviable reputation as the purveyor of low cost but top quality 3D printers.

The company had always been best known for selling all kinds of value-added and value-priced cables, speakers, computer accessories along with consumer electronics products. As of now, it has also branched out into its very own line of branded Monoprice 3D printers.

In fact, in a very short time, the great performance of their Monoprice 3D printing machines has made the company one of the single most prominent forces in this particular market segment.

From the Monoprice Mini Deluxe SLA to the Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer, the manufacturer has gone from strength to strength. This has been done in order to develop a very large variety of diverse 3D printers that almost always seem to share two key features in common with each other. Viz. usability and affordability.

First Impressions

The Monoprice MP Voxel 3D printer at very first glance looks just like a top of the line premium printer that would be much more expensive than the Monoprice Voxel 3D printer.

Especially when we take in in the Voxel with it’s under $400 price tag. It can print with most of the usual commonly available filament types such as ABS and PLA along with plenty of exotic filaments too, for people who want something extra in their builds. Furthermore, it also offers multiple connection choices for every situation.

It contains a pretty long and impressive list of really handy features that will help to improve the everyday user experience. Its sleek and futuristic design has been combined with a fully enclosed neat and tidy print box. At a fast glance, this printer can definitely be classified as a really enticing option for all those people who just want to buy a 3D printer and just start printing their desired 3D objects.


This cute little cube of a printer is heavily influenced by the FlashForge Adventurer 3 printer. This is why the Monoprice (MP) Voxel also shares many of the exact same characteristics as its FlashForge counterpart. However, make no mistake; the Voxel is no FlashForge Adventurer clone at all!

Yes, certain of the functions are identical but this is still a completely different machine and there is a whole lot of difference when it comes to performance. This is because there are plenty of changes under the MP hood designed to make it a very easy to use machine.

The Voxel has been designed keeping in mind only one thing. A highly streamlined user experience that is as simple and trouble-free as possible. In this case, the good people at Monoprice seem to have surpassed all of their design parameters and more than met their customer expectations. In this Monoprice Voxel Review, we will take a closer look at how the machine’s design affects its actual performance.


The fully enclosed build chamber of the Monoprice Voxel 3D printer houses a total build volume of 150 by 150-millimeter due to the size of its print bed. When compared to let us say, the Anycubic Chiron, it looks positively minuscule since the latter has a huge print bed. But that depends entirely on your usage. For many people, even this is more than adequate for fairly decent sized models.

Flexible Build Plates

With the flexible build plates of the Voxel, you will be able to remove your 3D prints both safely and easily. That means that you won’t have to use any sharp scrapers or other metallic objects to scrape away your precious builds. This feature adds a whole new world of convenience to your 3D prints, thus making it a very easy to use the Monoprice Voxel printer. The Voxel also boasts of a heated print bed and a bed leveling feature.

Clear Plastic Enclosure

An enclosed printer is ideal for small and inquisitive hands and it provides a level of safety and security not found in any open design 3D printer. With clear plastic walls on three of the Monoprice Voxel 3D printer closed but clear sides, you can easily keep an eye on the progress of your prints without the need to get to the printer every time you need to check something out. This way, you will be able to keep track of print quality. Throw in its high quality build plate and you have a winner in the Voxel.

Built-in LED Lighting

The built-in LEDs located on the main tool head will give you more than adequate illumination even in a dark area of a dimly lit workshop. This way, you will always be able to check the progress of your builds.

Built-in Camera

The built-in camera that comes with the machine will enable you to view your builds while they are being made, even from a remote location. You can simply log on to the cloud via the Polar Cloud (a cloud printing application) to check up on the progress of your 3D prints.

Large Touch Screen Control System

The Voxel 3D printer has a large touch screen interface that comes packed with highly intuitive controls in a user-friendly menu system. These controls allow you to easily and conveniently configure as well as use your Voxel 3D printer. You can also get to operate the machine with the help of the FlashPrint MP; that is Monoprice own 3D slicer application.

If you were to use this application, you may be able to connect directly to your 3D printer via your preferred wi fi network. It will even help you to send not just commands but also sliced files for subsequent printing. In fact, you can get it to work even remotely too.

Tech Specs of the Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer

  • Manufacturer: Monoprice
  • Interface: 2.8″ Color touchscreen
  • Model: MP Voxel
  • Year: 2018
  • Technology: FDM/FFF
  • Frame: Cartesian
  • Highly functional print bed
  • Strong extruder
  • Well-constructed build plate

Printing Properties

  • Build Area: 150 x 150 x 150 mm
  • Positioning Accuracy – Z: 0.0025mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.05 – 0.4 mm
  • Build Accuracy: ±0.2mm
  • Positioning Accuracy – XY: 0.011mm
  • Materials: ABS, Exotics, PLA, PETG
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Print Speed: 10 ~ 100 mm/second
  • Filament Size: 1.75mm
  • Internal Memory: 8GB
  • OS Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux Mac OS X
  • Software: MP FlashPrint
  • Supported Input Formats: 3MF, STL, OBJ
  • Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, wi fi

Power and Physical Dimensions

  • Input Power: 24 VDC, 6.5A
  • Dimensions: 400 x 380 x 405 mm (15.7″ x 15.0″ x 15.9″)
  • Weight: 9.0 kg (19.8 lbs.)
  • AC Adapter Input Power: 100 ~ 240 VAC, 47 ~ 63 Hz
  • Max. Power Consumption: 150 watts


  • This 3D printer Monoprice is very easy to set up and use
  • Budget-friendly prices for both printer as well as filament spool
  • Supports ABS, PLA, and several other composite filament types
  • Highly versatile software
  • Prints over both Ethernet or Wi-Fi, or even via a USB thumb drive


  • There are all too frequent misprints on various test objects when printing with any number of 3D printers Monoprice Voxel
  • The touch screen is a bit too bulky for a printer of this size


If you are in the market for the perfect budget printer with small build volume and you are not concerned with the lack of advanced slicer options, then the Monoprice Voxel is just the 3D printer for you.

The Voxel is an ideal printer for schools as well as homes where there are young children, due to its kid-friendly covered enclosure. The machine is not noisy and its gentle hum won’t be an irritant at the workshop, the classroom, or the home, while its great build plate will release your prints gently. The Monoprice 3D printer is available on amazon.

This is not the kind of machine that a professional level user would appreciate due to its lack of advanced settings, options, and overall print quality.

However, the novice would love the Voxel as one of the very best entry-level printers that money can buy. We hope that you liked this Monoprice Voxel review.

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